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Estabilizador video steadicam 1-10 kg

Día (8 horas) $42.000

Medio día (4 horas) $27.000
Por horas $13.000



This Pergear MC94 handheld stabilizer is made of  aluminum alloy, More Durable And LARGE LOAD  BEARING
UP to 10kg, excellent structure, two section design. Min. Length 510mm, Max. Length 940mm.
Release plate can adjust back and forth, left and right. Soft sponge on the hand grip, make you feel comfortable
when handle it. Fits for DSLR camera, compact cameras and DVs.


1.  Lightweight, compact and heavy loading up to 10kg.
2.  Centre column can be stretched or shorten to achieve the height you need
3.  Release plate can move front and back, left and right
4.  There are scales on quick release, recording dynamic balance for different equipments
5.  High precision bearing and low friction joints
6.  Soft sponge on hand grip make you feel comfortable
7.  Easily to take at hand for shooting at a wide range of angles


Carga total 0-10kg
Material  Aluminum alloy
Body weight(not including counterweights) 1.2kg
Counterweight  0.125kg
Counterweights 0.5kg
Camera mount hole 1/4“
Max. length 940mm
Min. length 510mm
Gross weight 3.2kg


s-l1600 s-l1600 (1) s-l1600 (2) s-l1600 (3) s-l1600 (4) s-l1600 (5)